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Industry Dynamics

Badge making process introduction copper pressure baking paint

  • January 13,2022.

Description: the coloring of the paint baking process must also be repeated until the product is finished. Because the imitation enamel products must go through the grinding process, when there are three-dimensional patterns on the product surface and the imitation enamel process is not suitable, the paint baking process is the best choice. This process can also be colored according to Pantone card color number, and the product can also be added with resin according to customer requirements to protect baking paint and metal surface, and increase product texture at the same time.

Drop molding: with or without

Zinc alloy die casting

Description: die casting process can be used for making badges, badges and medals. This process mainly uses zinc alloy materials. The die casting machine melts the zinc alloy block at high temperature, injects it into the mold, and cools it immediately. Zinc alloy die casting process is also recommended for porous design products, and it is also the best substitute for copper.

Material: zinc alloy


Description: lithography can completely copy the pattern. Lithography is printed directly on metal and has the option of gold plating or nickel plating. Usually the product will be added with resin to increase the durability and texture of the product.

Standard thickness: 0.8mm

Electroplating: gold plating / nickel plating

screen printing

Description: screen printing, which can be printed directly on copper plate, rotten plate, enamel or imitation enamel. For products with three-dimensional radian, another pad printer is used for high-precision printing. In this way, small fonts can be clearly displayed in different colors. The product can also be added with resin according to customer requirements to protect the baking paint and metal surface, and increase the product texture at the same time.

Standard thickness: 0.8mm


Description: enamel is a traditional craft with a long history originated in China. During the production of enamel products, the enamel powder is colored one by one. After the color is added, it is heated at high temperature, and then polished manually until the surface emits natural luster. Enamel products have a hard texture and a mirror like surface luster. It has lasted for a long time. It is the first choice for those who pursue perfection.

Standard thickness: 1.2mm ~ 2.0mm

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