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Industry Dynamics

Common processes for making stainless steel signs

  • January 13,2022.

Common sign making process of stainless steel sign making

1. Machine forming. It adopts painting after machining and forming, so that its installation size is unified and standardized, and can be mass produced.

2. Degrease. In order to make the aluminum plate surface have a certain affinity to the printing coating, the oil stain on the plate surface shall be removed. Generally, the oil stain on the packaging can be wiped off with fine soft saw dust and then degreased with organic solvent.

3. Polishing. If there are scratches on the plate surface, a layer of putty shall be applied first to make it smooth, and mechanical polishing, chemical polishing or electrochemical polishing shall be selected according to the requirements of customers.

4. Spray primer. Due to the poor adhesion of aluminum alloy materials to finish paint and printing ink, a layer of epoxy zinc yellow primer about 0.01mm thick needs to be sprayed before spraying finish paint on aluminum alloy panel.

5. Spray finish paint. According to the customer's requirements, spray amino paint or acrylic paint of corresponding color. For light color paint, especially white paint, the drying temperature and drying time shall be strictly controlled, otherwise the white paint will turn yellow.

6. Screen printing. The general requirements of the printed sign panel are: the graphic position is accurate and clear, the word line edge is neat, and the ink is firm.

7. Spray gloss paint. When the requirements are not high, it can be brushed with a brush, and the paint can be H-type water-soluble acrylic paint or amino paint.

8. Packing. Because the plates are heavy and easy to bump against each other, the old paper without pictures and texts can be clamped in the finished product to protect its surface.

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